There is more to life than electrons

Computer slow?

Just like your home, to keep your computer running well you have to clean up and put out the trash once in a while.

If your computer has slowed down, run the two programs below.

If you computer is not working, crashes, you are getting strange messages, other things giving you trouble, call the Kingley team help number 703-829-7260. Call any time.  If we cannot answer, please leave a message with your name and number, and we will call you back within 24 hours.

To clean up and speed up your computer, run two programs.

Call it housekeeping…

See the Housekeeping folder on your desktop?  Double-click on it to open it.

1)  Click on the program name “Disk Cleanup”.

The hard drive in your computer, where all your programs and your work is stored, is “Drive C”.  If you are asked, say you want to clean up Drive C:.

This program is going to run for a while.  If the computer housekeeping has not been done for a while, this can take a really long time.  You will see a small window with a broom … patience … just let it run.

2) In the housekeeping folder, click on the program named “Defragmenter”.

When the program open up a window, click on the button “Defragment”.

This can run a very long time also.

As you use your computer, the files on your hard disk get cut up into fragments, and it takes longer and longer for your computer to put the pieces back to together in order to run the programs.

Also, computer collect trash — bits and pieces of data you no longer need, but in a couple of weeks of use, there can be thousands of pieces of these unneeded files.

The two programs clean up your computer — think of it as putting out the trash and putting everything in your house in order.

If you have not done this for a while the program can take an hour or more to run.  Once your computer disk drive is cleaned up, next time these two programs should take only a few minutes — maybe 10 minutes each — to clean up.

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