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Free programs that you can install, tested OK for the Kingsley CNCT family computers....Continue Reading...

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Free programs for your computer

We are starting out with just one program, and hope to add many other free programs in weeks to come.

These programs are tested to be OK to install in the home computer you received through the Fairfax County CNCP program.

If you have any questions, want help installing a program, or if you have any trouble with your computer, you are welcome to call our help telephone line 703-662-3002. Call any time. If we cannot answer, please leave a message with your name and number, and we will try to call you back within 24 hours.


The Antenna program lets you listen to thousands of local radio stations in many countries around the world that broadcast over the Internet, and this program lets you listen to those stations.  The program shows you a world map with dots for cities that have local stations — it lists over 9,000 local stations for you to choose from.

This program is easy to install and to use.  Here are the flags of countries you can listen to:


To install the Antenna program

FIRST:  Install a program called “Adobe Air”.

With your browser, go to <– double-click on this name to open your browser

You will see a nice yellow DOWNLOAD NOW button.  Click on it.

If your computer asks you to save this program, say OK.

If your computer asks if it is safe, say YES / OK.

If your computer says to install, say YES / OK.

When Adobe Air will tell you when it is finished installing.

SECOND:  IInstall the Antenna radio program.

Go to:

This program will start downloading into your computer, just answer the questions as you did above to install it.

THIRD:  You will see this “Antenna” icon on your computer desktop.

Double-click on the icon to start the program.

You will see a world map.  You can move the map around by point to the map with your mouse and holding down the left mouse button.  Click on a yellow dot and it will open a list of Internet radio stations in that city.


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